Sell Mobile

The first Xiaomi from Curitiba.

We received the mission to boost sales at the first Xiaomi store in Curitiba, Sellmobile. After analyzing the context of the company, we made a new rebranding proposal, orchestrated in parallel in the development of a new, much more modern platform, optimized and aligned with the Xiaomi concept in the world. This platform was extensively planned and structured in order to increase the conversion of leads from digital campaigns. We started with a very restricted product portfolio that gradually increased as campaigns engaged and fostered real-time data intelligence for the company’s decision-making. We increased Sellmobile’s presence in the Social Media bases, capturing technological demands, interacting and increasing brand value perception among the hardware and telephony competition in Curitiba. Today Sellmobile maintains a hegemony in its market niche in an extremely favorable share, already thinking about the possibilities of expansion still in 2020.

What was done

  • Branding
  • Branding Advice
  • Perfomance
  • Social Media
  • Web