A genuinely Curitiban company, with 7 stores throughout the city. Also serving the metropolitan region. iService is the largest Apple Assistance network in Paraná.

Hype developed the entire repositioning of iService in 2019, from rebranding, identity of points of sale, refinement of the target audience and conceptualization of digital and offline campaigns. It is a customer profile that is totally open to our innovations and “foolishness”, we evolved the quality of social media, bringing modernity and a much closer relationship with the public, we supercharged the performance campaigns with a lot of optimization, which allowed us to reduce costs by increasing the margin attracting and bringing in much more qualified leads, all with strategy and creativity. Today iService earns about 65% more than before compared to the last 2 years! The growth curve in the capture of leads during the pandemic period did not decrease and remained on a growth curve, we maintained our hegemony by increasing the number of Mobile Laboratories and Personal Techs, redirecting the entire scope of the campaign in record time, bringing the problem of customer for traveling teams with an 8 hour service response rate. In this way we reached a peak of 2050 monthly leads in February 2020 to an average of 4000 leads at the close of June 2020.

What was done

  • Branding
  • Branding Advice
  • Perfomance
  • Social Media
  • Video
  • Web